Monday, January 11, 2010

Inappropriate Laughter

So I have this problem with laughing at all the wrong times. I was recently told by someone that it is called inappropriate laughter. I have thought about this a lot since then and I completely agree with that label. I laugh at the most inappropriate things, yet have a hard time laughing at things that most people find funny. It is as if there is a problem with the wiring in my brain, which is quite possible but I digress.
This is a problem because every time, and I am not exaggerating at all about this, that my hubby injures himself, I crack up hysterically. In fact, I am laughing now while I am thinking about it. I don't know why this is and the harder that I try not to laugh, the harder I laugh. It gets to the point where I am purple in the face from lack of oxygen because I am laughing so hard I can't breathe. Tears stream out of my eyes and down my cheeks, my stomach hurts so hard from laughing and I feel like I am going to pee my pants.
Here are some recent examples where this has come into play:
- I warmed up some broccoli and cheddar rice for dinner in the microwave. Microwaves do not heat food evenly. My hubby heated the rice for 5 minutes. I felt the rice and thought it was still somewhat cold, so heated food for an additional 3 minutes, unbeknownst to my hubby. I stir the food but he somehow managed to take a sample bite from the hottest portion of the food. This causes the food to burn his tongue, mouth throat and all the areas the food touched until it reached his stomach. His mouth was not feeling too great and I laughed hysterically for over 15 minutes and cracked up randomly throughout the night when I looked at him which gave him a complex for awhile.
-My husband was walking through the kitchen and he accidentally kicked a chair and he broke his pinky toe. I laughed hysterically about this. My husband works in construction which also causes him to be randomly hurt. Over the course of the five days following my husband breaking his little toe, he had a 90 pound jackhammer dropped on the broken baby toe, he whacked himself in the shin with a sledgehammer that actually messed him up pretty good, and was hit by a truck on the jobsite while the driver was backing up. Thank goodness he was not injured when he was hit, the driver was backing slowly and he realized her was about to be hit so rolled forward as soon as he felt the impact. As I recounted the stories of his injuries to the ladies at the stables where we board our horse, I laughed so hard I could hardly get the words out.
-In the past week, my husband has kicked the area where the tile starts in our bathroom and the carpet from the hallway meet. One night I heard a loud thud come from the bathroom and figured my husband must have hit himself on something or had dropped something. After a couple of times of me asking if he was okay, and not getting a response, I rushed to the bathroom to see what was wrong. I saw my husband laying on the ground and when he told me he was okay, I started cracking up. We thought he had broken his other baby toe and I felt terrible for him, even though I was laughing. A few nights later, I heard the sound of his foot once again connecting with some hard object in the bathroom and I laugh so hard I can hardly ask if he is okay. His response to my behavior was to go into the bedroom and shut the door without responding to my ridiculousness.
Here is the problem. I laugh before I can ask if he's okay and most of the time I am laughing so hard I can't even get the question out. I don't understand why this behavior occurs. I don't think it is funny when my husband injures himself. I was really worried when he told me about the vehicle that hit him. I don't like to cry and in the past I have noticed that when I am under stress or feel like I am going to cry, I will laugh to avoid crying. I don't know if it is the same in these situations, but I feel terrible about my behavior. I know that my husband is aware that I don't mean to laugh. He knows that when my laughter is under control, I will make sure that he is fine. Most of the time he ends up laughing with me though.
I worry that I will react in this same manner when my baby boy starts to grow bigger. I worry that I will be at a park or in a public place with many other parents and my boy will injure himself and I will laugh when he tells me what happened. I am worried that the other parents will think that I am a terrible mother and think that I don't care about my child. While this could not be further from the truth, I really hope that I can get this inappropriate laughter under control.
I don't like it when I laugh at my husbands injuries, and would feel terrible if he reacted the same way when I hurt myself. Thank goodness my husband is more mature than I am in these types of situations and can keep his composure. Thankfully my husband understands that I have issues and still loves me. I just hope that he will be patient enough to handle this for the rest of our lives. Maybe he can learn to not injure himself and this would help to solve the problem. Hmm.

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