Friday, January 8, 2010

Six Weeks

My baby turned six weeks old this past Wednesday. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. He is still such a great baby and I am loving spending all of the time I have been with him since I still have not returned to work. A smiles on a daily basis now and I personally think he has the cutest smile. I captured a great photo of him on my phone the other night and sent it out to family and it is now everyone's screensaver on their phones. It helps to cheer them up when they are sad or having a particularly stressful day at work. I'm sure I'll be using that very soon. Actually, I should maybe think of printing out a poster size picture to post on the wall of my cubicle everyday. Hmmm...
I enjoy watching A grow and see him learn to start controlling his movements. He already can pretty much support his head for the most part, though he still does have his bobblehead times so he isn't completely able to support his head just yet. His had eye coordination is coming along nicely. He has discovered that he can rub his eyes. In fact, he is apparently so happy with this development that he rubs his eyes continuously so that they are all red and swollen. I'm worried that eventually people will think that he has some disease or that we abuse him. I am sure that when he realizes his hands are great for many other things, the eye rubbing will eventually subside.
We got two kittens last week. It seemed like a great, innocent idea. I thought it would be so nice to get a baby animal that A can grow up with. I thought he might look back fondly on the cat when he is older and tell stories such as "remember when our cat Tux....." And A is growing so fast, even though he started out big, that I thought it would be nice to have small babies in the house to satiate my baby yearning. I don't want to go through the pregnancy/birthing process again this soon. A is already wearing 6 months clothes as he barely fits in 3 months clothes now. My sister-in-law's friend had a female cat that got out and apparently worked a corner. She birthed 9 kittens as payment for her services. We decided we would take one of then. When we got there, there were two left, one being the runt and we couldn't bear to separate them. So we have two new kittens. I am glad on the one hand that we got two kittens since they play great together, not so happy since they play ALL OF THE TIME. And they love the nursery. I can't keep them out of there and they wait outside the door for me to open it and they rush me and get past me into the nursery and then hide under furniture where I can't reach them. They are too smart.
I also have gotten back on my horse this week. We had a young leaser that was supposed to have taken lessons, and she only had 2 lessons at the very beginning of the lease. She had riding experience and her parents were supposed to supervise her while she rode. It didn't work out the way we had wanted, and the girl was a very timid rider. Now my horse thinks he can stop while being led back to his stall and stand there until he gets carrots, as this was what the girl did. He also isn't quite as responsive and doesn't like to back. So we have some work ahead of us. It felt so great to be back on my horse though and I am excited about riding again.

Here is a picture to end with and that will surely put a smile on your face:

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