Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, Blah, Blah, Blah

So it's 2010. I don't believe in resolutions, because frankly, I just don't ever resolve my resolutions so I don't even try now. I did get a good idea that I think my husband and I will do each year as a new tradition. Instead of making resolutions, we will be writing a prayer together. It won't be anything specific, just more of a letter to God and asking him to help us through this new year as he has done throughout our lives. We have gone through lots of changes over the past 6 months so asking for a little help from God as we finish settling onto these new paths seems logical.
My little baby is almost six weeks old already and he is growing way too fast. He is already 23 inches, he's grown two whole inches in 5 weeks. He doesn't look like a newborn at all, most people think he looks between 4-5 months. My body however still looks like I gave birth a week ago. I sure wish my body would shrink as fast as the little boy is growing. He is smiling a lot and I am loving being home with him. We got two little kittens over the weekend so he has some animals that he can grow with.
The husband and I will be taking some courses this semester. I am going to try pursuing becoming a CPA and the husband will be taking some classes to help him out more with the construction as he pursues getting his contractor's license this spring. I am also looking forward to taking some photography lessons to help me develop my photo taking skills. I am very excited.
I am also looking forward to riding my horse again. The last time I rode was a brief cool down when I was six months pregnant. It has been so long, I just hope that I can remember how to ride. More than that, I hope I can still show my horse who is the boss and regain our bond. He has some issues that he has developed while a leaser was riding him. She let him get away with everything, so we have some bad habits he's developed that now need to be dealt with.
There is so much going on over the next year and I look forward to all of the milestones that we will reach. I look forward to growing a closer realationship with God and learning more about my new faith as a Lutheran. I look forward to meeting and making new friends that share the same values as my husband and I. Mostly, I look forward to another year of love and laughter and adventure with my husband.

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