Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carpeting and Pool Table

So Superman and I are getting a pool table on Monday. I have yet to see but am told that it is a very nice, rather expensive table. I have always wanted a pool table, so when the opportunity came about to own this one, I jumped at it. Is it practical or even in the budget, no. But what we are paying compared to it's worth, I couldn't resist.
 We are currently renting a house and there is a back building/room/office that we were not sure what to do with. I decided that it would be great to put the pool table there and then make it into a lounge area that we can have BBQ's and hang out in when the weather allows. There is a patio so the space seemed perfect. Below is a photo of the building pre update:

I decided that we would be irresponsible pool table owners if we simply put the table on the concrete floor that had been painted over. So the quest began for suitable flooring for such a magnificent piece of furniture. Options considered:

1-Tile floor-that wasn't more than a second long thought.
2-Wood flooring (or honestly faux wood florring aka pergo)-hey it's a rental house. But the decision was that if a ball landed on a hard flooring it would dent the wood, or more importantly the prized pool balls. And this would defeat the purpose of putting flooring over the existing concrete floor.
3-carpet or rug-the room is a 10 X 13. So we decided we would look for a cheap carpet or rug solution. I preferred a rug for the fact that we can take it with us when we move. However, a rug was not likely to cover the entire floor and I was worried that I would be overwhelmed by all of the clashing color schemes. So I went to many carpet stores and found the prefect carpet. The color was blue, but the room is painted plain, sterile white and we can't change any paint colors on the property. I decided the carpet would look good in there, but I will have to see how it looks with the table. The felt is magenta and the wood is golden oak, so I've been told.
 We brought the carpet home and installed it last night. We did not get padding since we were attempting to keep our costs low. The carpet sales person recommended a double faced tape which would keep the carpet secure. (Disclaimer: this tape is serious stuff. Do not attempt to stick tape to your significant other's arm where hair exists. Apparently there is serious pain in removing the tape by ripping if off the skin. Superman has confirmed this theory). 
 First step was to remove all the base in the room. Then we cleaned the floor where we would be laying the tape. We laid the tape and rolled the carpet onto the tape, section by section. The carpet was a 12 X 12 piece of remnant so we had to trim it to fit the room. It was too wide and too short. After we laid the carpet and trimmed to fit width wise, we filled in the shortened length. Below are the pictures:

This morning we went and put the base back on. It looks so much better than it did before. Now we can't wait to get the pool table in. The little strip at the end is where we had to patch the short piece. It looks a little odd, but much better than if we left it bare.
 So total cost to upgrade the flooring for the back room:

Carpet remnant (plush type)-12 x 12 piece-$60
Double faced Tap$7

After Sales tax-$72.50

Not too bad.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the pool table. I can't wait!

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