Monday, November 16, 2009

FInal Days of Pregnancy

As my pregnancy is winding down to the final days, 4 more days until my due date, I am anticipating the arrival of our son. Superman and I are excitedly anticipating our new roles as a mom and dad and look forward to greeting all of the challenges and rewards with open arms. It is strange how the pregnancy has made me feel more grown up and responsible over these last 9 months. It is also interesting to see how pregnancy affects the way men and women look at parenthood. I suppose that I feel more protective since I feel my son moving inside of me and can feel his liveliness. I know that my husband will understand how I feel when he finally gets to hold our son for the first time. I can't even begin to imagine what that moment will feel like and I hope that I can soak in every sight, sound and smell so that I can never forget it. I plan to etch that moment so deep in my mind that when I am old, I still can remember.
It has also been a struggle for me to accept the fact that I have no choice to go back to work instead of staying home to raise our child. In these economic times, we have no choice and it is a difficult struggle for me. I am so thankful and grateful for my family that will help out with childcare. As I begin to realize how expensive childcare is, I wonder how in the world people can afford childcare, although I know they just do. Some days I wish we lived in the old times, when villages helped to raise children and times were simpler. There weren't the evils of consumerism and the need for instant gratification that drives many people today. As terrible as the economy is, I am glad that it has forced many to change the way they spend money and puts some of the power back into the hands of consumers.
In the end, I know that when the time comes we will do what is in the best interest of our child. I am so grateful for my amazing husband who does everything he can think of to help make sure we have money to pay our bills, food on the table, clothes on us and a place we can call home. We have realized we will not be able to realize our dream of being homeowners anytime soon, but we also know that it is love that makes a house a home, and we have made a wonderful home in which to raise our soon to be son.

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