Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year and New Start

So it's 2009. What does this mean? Another new "start" to another year in life. I have chosen 2009 to be a year for many starts, we'll see how it all turns out in 12 months.
 First new start, I ended a less than ideal roommate situation this past month. After one of the ex roomies tried to skip out on a week and a half worth of rent and attempted to get me into trouble with my landlord, it would be not too unreasonable to say that I am far from enthusiastic about the thought of another roommate. However, life is all about adapting and overcoming, and this I plan to do. I look forward to another household adventure. I welcome it, I embrace it, I....well whatever.
 Second new start, I have joined a group known as the Daring Baker's. I am very excited about this as I hope that it will push my culinary prowess to new limits. Ok, so confession. I have really only been seriously cooking for about a couple of months, so I really don't have much prowess. But a woman can sure hope, can't she? The fact that I don't burn/ruin most meals should count for some credit, right? Anywho, I look forward to upcoming challenges and adventures in cooking.
 The third and final new start is, drumroll please........this blog. I have not been a good journaler or diary keeper, or well, any record keeper of life really. So, I'm not so why I have this sudden urge to have a blog. I think I thought the blog bandwagon needed another member, so I hopped on. Mainly, I hoped to have a place to display my culinary accomplishments/disasters and a place to track my life. All open for public scrutiny. Sweet.
 Now for an explanation for my blog title, warmfuzziesandhistrionics. Warm fuzzies should be quite obvious. Histrionics might need some explaining. Basically, in olden days, a medical term was invented to explain the behavior of women that differed from men. Mainly that women tend to have more emotional outbursts (umm, PMS anyone?) or to be hysterical (not in the funny, you-made-me-laugh-so-hard-I-peed-my-pants hysterical). Thus the term histrionics was coined. I thought this term was quite suiting since I tend to fall into the category of giving warm fuzzies and to be histrionic, sometimes all at once. Plus, I love the word. I also love the words conundrum, booterbaugh (actually a last name but I love the sound of the word), helter skelter, hodge podge or words that make people look at me like I sprouted a second head at that exact moment. Plus my boyfriend suggested it and I like to let him think that he really has a voice in our relationship.

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